As of today, Mike and I have been married for five years.
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That doesn’t sound like a long time. But it’s been a looooooong time.

I realize that every couple grows after marriage, and that kids change you, and all of that. I get it. But Mike and I have been together since college – early college. I have not been with anyone else for my entire adult life. We’ve only been married for five years but we’ve been together for twelve, so we have a pretty long history.

I am really proud that we’ve made it this far – and after five years, I expect to make it forever. We’ve had major highs and major lows, but even during the worst times when everything was falling apart around us, we turned to each other for support. We’ve had our share of serious arguments, but even then, when it came down to “Do we love each other? Do we want to work this out together?” the answer was always yes. Always.

Some of the hardest times for us as a couple have been in the past year. They say change is tough, and we’ve had seriously.every.thing.possible change for us in the past twelve months. We had a (surprise) pregnancy, a graduation, a job search and new job, serious and surprise illnesses, a new home and renovation, not to mention EBOLA, all happen in the past year. We’ve even had major repairs on both cars – I mean, come on! I don’t think a week’s gone by since last July that we haven’t had a serious discussion about one thing or another. But that’s what I love about Mike – we can always discuss something, and when things get hairy all I want is to turn to him. One of the reasons I love working in the same office as him (something I NEVER thought I would be comfortable with) is because he’s just a stone’s throw away.

I don’t think I fully anticipated what a marriage would entail, but I’m glad I’ve tethered myself to Mike to go through this life together. I’m proud of us for working on ourselves and our relationship. I’m proud of our two daughters and how they’ve made Mike and me better people. And I’m looking forward to the next five years…and ten…and fifty!


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