Anniversary weekend

A few months ago, my parents offered to take the girls during our anniversary weekend so we could do something just the two of us. Mike and I had discussed going somewhere like Austin for our anniversary, but ultimately decided to just stay home and be lazy, eat at nice restaurants, and catch up around the house. It was a great decision!

My parents picked up the girls from day care on Friday and brought them over to get their stuff and say goodbye. Mike and I got ready for dinner and headed to Bob’s. Delicious as usual.
IMG_7793 IMG_7794

Saturday morning we slept in until 9am and then Mike made me breakfast in bed. It was amazing.

We puttered around the house, alternating between being lazy and completing a few tasks we have been trying to get done. We finally put up our house number:

We painted the second coat of paint on our kitchen chairs. We still have one more step to go with them but I’m happy they’re almost complete.

We cleaned our house without a toy-happy toddler trailing us, taking everything apart again.

We broke for lunch at the Old Monk:

After running a few errands, we got ready and headed to dinner at Nonna. We’d never been and it was delicious. There was a Dallas Cowboy at the table next to us but we did not know who.

Sunday we actually slept in (on and off) until 10am! Then we met Taylor and Hillary for brunch at Neighbors, ran a few more errands, and then picked up the girls at my parents. Then we headed to Michele’s for her annual pumpkin carving party. It was fabulously decorated as usual and we actually carved a pumpkin this year!

It really was a re-energizing weekend. It’s amazing what you can get done when you aren’t looking after two kids (or having to go places and plan activities for them). We’re grateful to my parents for providing the childcare, and to his parents for funding our Bob’s dinner!


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