Happy Halloween!

We had a fun Halloween this year! It was the first year Louise really had a grasp on what was going on. She wasn’t gung-ho about going up to the doors at first, until she realized that CANDY was the end result.

The girls went to day care for a couple of hours in the morning before my mom picked them up. It was pajama day – luckily, we had skeleton pajamas for both! (We call them “glow bones”).

I got home around 4pm, and we started changing into our costumes. My mom made Louise’s gingham dress, and we accessorized with some braided hair, red glitter Toms, and basket!
DSC_0009 DSC_0023
DSC_0011 IMG_7862

Celine was the cowardly lion. She wasn’t a huge fan of the hood on the costume…but once we put it on we couldn’t stop giggling. What a cutie.
DSC_0002 DSC_0047 IMG_7864

Everyone pile on Papa!

Mike got home from work and he and I changed into our costumes – we were rounding out the group with the tin man and scarecrow. Family photo time!!
DSC_0051 DSC_0069 DSC_0057 DSC_0065 IMG_7868 IMG_7875

Like I said, Louise warmed up to the concept over time – didn’t hurt that we were escorting her from door to door in a blanket-lined wagon. Celine was pretty much over it by the time we turned around to go home.

When we got home, we took turns passing out candy while Louise examined her loot. After figuring out what she got, she loved coming to the door with us to see all of the kids in their costumes. We ran out of candy around 8:30 – it was a busy evening!


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