Louise: 2.6

Two and a half years!! Eeeek!

She’s really come out of her shell in the past few months. She used to be very shy around strangers and now she’s much more open. With the people she doesn’t interact with often but knows, she seems right at home, which is such an improvement. She gave our photographer a hug and high five the other day which just made me smile – it’s just such a change from even a few months ago! She also loves my brother Taylor and he is so good with her, which I love. I just wish she had more opportunities to spend time with her cousin!

This girl cannot stop talking! She likes to recap things – she spent the better part of a week retelling us about her time at the State Fair with Grandma and Papa. When we go for our run, she points out the branches and mailboxes and acorns and moon and that we’re going UP the hill and now we’re going DOWN the hill and there’s the park but it’s too dark to go play and and and…

She does that, too. “And and and and and and” in between her lists and sentences. “Louise, what color is mommy’s shirt?” “Um um, BLUE! And and and Louise’s shirt is white and and and and…and daddy’s shirt BROWN.” “And” is her space filler.

She is such the organized lady. Our photographer called her a “sorter” which is so true. She takes things and lines them up, or groups by color, or aligns numerically. She also does things like have a few toys and walk around, asking us to “pick one.” Then she collects our choices and we start again. She does it with Chapstick too, except she says “don’t eat it!” when we select our flavor.

She is just obsessed with books. She “reads” by herself now which we both love and don’t love – it’s nice to have her play by herself but we miss that time with her! She gets annoyed if we try to read what’s on the page. “NO – I read book!”

She isn’t a major fan of starches, which is mystifying to me. She’ll eat the meat, vegetable, and fruit on her plate, but usually leaves the starch. Potatoes, rice…you name it. The two exceptions are spaghetti and macaroni and cheese. I’m not complaining though because she loves to eat vegetables. Broccoli, carrots, green beans, cauliflower…she eats it all!

We’re ready to potty train her for real. She knows when she’s going to the bathroom and day care has a bunch of potty breaks, so she pretty much goes in the potty all day when she’s there. I think by the end of this year we’ll have her sleeping in her toddler bed and out of diapers! Here’s hoping!!


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