Celine: Eight months

She had a little bit of illness this month. She got a double ear infection, then a stomach bug, and a cold again. Luckily we only had to give her medicine for the ear infection.

  • Clothes: Still six month clothing but closing in quickly on the nine month stuff. She can wear nine month pants and jackets but not yet onesies. The 3-6 month clothes are almost done. I sifted through Louise’s nine-month clothing bins and it’s fun – I am remembering some of the cute stuff she had at this time! I am excited to get Celine in holiday clothes. I’ve already bought sparkly dresses and snowflake tights.
  • Diapers: Size 3
  • Food: Starting to consistently take an eight ounce bottle, versus six ounces. She also has at least one jar of baby food each day. We’ll probably start transitioning to two so we can eliminate one of the bottles.
  • Sleep: Getting more comfortable with a bedtime more like 6:45-7 versus 6:15-6:30, which is great for Mike and I since we can spend a few additional minutes with her after work. Still wakes up at 7am, even after Daylight Savings, so we’re really happy with that. Also taking two naps now – one really long one in the morning (sometimes more than three hours) and a much shorter nap in the afternoon. It’s a little different at day care but still, only about two naps.
  • Personality: Happy happy girl! She has a little bit of separation anxiety coming on, and I notice she prefers me right now. She does the cutest thing when she’s sitting up or in her walker where she reaches her arms up to be picked up.
  • Schedule: Wake up around 7am, 8oz bottle, get dressed, watch big sister Louise eat breakfast, go to school around 8:15am. Take 3 6oz bottles at day care, one jar of baby food, and nap twice. Get picked up around 5:40pm. Jump in the bath at 6:20pm, get lotioned and dressed, 8oz bottle, in bed between 6:45-7:00!
  • Milestones: Sitting up for real. She’s clapping now too, which is so cute! Getting on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth…and just yesterday she started crawling! She’s not very good at it but it’s so cute to watch her on the move.


Celine is the WIGGLIEST.BABY.OF.ALL.TIME. She loves being in the jumper because she can kick so much, it bounces all over the place. When Mike or I pick her up, she starts twisting and dive-bombing to get something or somewhere. She starts looking around, sees something she wants, and just throws her body at it. It always starts with a “kick” – she stretches a leg across our body to get leverage, and then thrusts her upper body where she wants to go!

Her favorite thing right now is paper. Day care gives us a sheet of paper each day and she gets very upset if we don’t let her stuff it in her mouth. She also loves paper towels, catalogs…pretty much any paper product. It was a paper towel prize that got her crawling!


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