The new normal

Things are picking up steam in our household – Louise is becoming more and more her own person every day, and Celine is blazing through her milestones like a rock star. Mike and I have definitely felt things get a little easier – we’re not quite back to 100% normal, but I don’t think we ever will be. This is the way things are now – crazy, fun, and over the top!
11.25.14 the new normal
11.25.14 Celine snow bunny11.25.14 Louise in our bed11.25.14 Louise skirt

Dominique came in town for work last week and Louise was very excited to have Aunt Dom in town. We prepped her for a couple of days, and when she saw her walk in the door she ran and gave her a big hug. I think the excitement was mutual.
11.25.14 Dom and Lou

Celine wasn’t quite as animated, but she didn’t cry when she saw Dom which was more than I can say for almost everyone else in her life. Separation anxiety in 3, 2, 1…

Just in the past couple of weeks, we’ve noticed Louise and Celine sort of playing together. Mostly it’s Louise tearing a toy out of Celine’s hands and dictating what she can and cannot play with, but…baby steps.
11.25.14 Girls reading 11.25.14 Smiling girls

…and then this happened. Face –> floor; Louise –> timeout.
11.25.14 Push


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