Babies and sleeping

One of my FAVORITE things about an infant is letting them fall asleep on my chest and just relaxing into that.
8.4.14 Celine sleeping

Many times I nap too, because it’s just so wonderful.

I know there are baby books out there that say not to let your newborn sleep on you, establish their crib as their sleep area, etc., but I would never give up that time with my babies (and for what it’s worth, neither of my girls had issues transitioning to the crib).

For all of the stress and frustration that having a new baby can bring, having them sleep on you is the literal calm in the storm.
Sleeping on mom 1

As Louise grew, she would still snuggle up to me when she was sick, but of course we’re done with that now.

I was excited to have it again with Celine, and it was glorious.

But, it’s over. I actually can’t remember the last time she fell asleep while I was holding her, much less take a nap together. At least I have the pictures…and know the feeling. The best feeling.
IMG_5111 IMG_5136


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