One of those days

This morning was…a complete and utter mess of toddler meltdowns. Louise woke up happy and immediately devolved into hysterical sobbing until she was unceremoniously stuffed into the car to go to day care. And then of course she was totally fine.

It started because I carried her into our living room and she noticed Celine was within six feet of her favorite Legos, aka The Ones She Hasn’t Noticed Or Played With In Weeks. The fact that her sister may eventually crawl her way over to them and pick one up – maybe even put it in her mouth – was too much for Louise, and she started screaming and crying. She started collecting these Legos, but instead of snapping them together for ease of transport, she wanted them all to be separated. This caused issues in being able to hold them all, which was an additional source of frustration.

In her breathless, manic meltdown, we asked if she wanted some cereal. After giving that question time to bounce around in her head, she decided yes – and was increasingly upset that she wasn’t magically spirited to her high chair with the cereal ready and waiting. So she expressed her unhappiness about that before and during eating her cereal.

Following breakfast, we needed to dress her. I selected a black shirt and plaid leggings. After putting one leg in the leggings, Louise decided the pants were “too big” and refused to put her second leg in. Mike shoved it in and pulled up the leggings. She shrieked in horror, the meltdown returned, and she tried pulling the pants off of her body as quickly as possible. I told her we could pick other pants and walked to her room. She followed me, wailing. I picked a pair of leopard leggings which were acceptable. I put those on her and we walked back to the living room.

Now it was time for shoes. The Minnie Mouse socks I selected were clearly unacceptable, but I was at the point of bargaining so I offered up the Holy Grail – fruit snacks. Socks and shoes went on, fruit snacks were administered. Were we at the end of the meltdown journey? Nope. There was one more act.

Usually Louise will walk to the car in the garage while we carry Celine and put her in. Then we’ll walk around and put Louise in. For some reason that was not acceptable today. I had to leave Celine in the house, carry Louise to the car and put her in, and then come back in the house and get Celine. As I was carrying Celine to the car, I realized her bottles were not clean – that we had forgotten to get those ready in the morning’s chaos.

The Too-Big Leggings of Oppression:12.5.14 Louise meltdown 1

And some funny faces and frazzled parents:12.5.14 Louise meltdown 2

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