We missed bringing Louise to see Santa last year because she had pneumonia and we just weren’t into lugging her to undesirable public locations. So this was the second year for her to see Santa (first did not go so well) and the first time for Celine!

Knowing her previous experience and her personality trait of being wary of new people, we prepped her early and often. We talked about Santa, who he was, and what he did. We told her she can ask him for things for Christmas and settled on a Christmas tree (already had it, but good thinking) and books.We pointed him out in books and television shows, even ornaments. We thought we were prepared.

The day came, and my parents came with us (another bonus for Louise). We made it to Northpark and decided to show her Santa before her time came to sit on his lap. She was smiling all the way until she could see him…and then her smile dropped. Her lips pursed. She was NOT impressed. A boy walked up and sat in his lap, smiling, and that seemed to help, but her demeanor was changed and I could tell we probably weren’t going to get the happy picture I was hoping for.

Celine on the other hand…she is such a second baby. Easy-going, just hanging out, when we put her on Santa’s lap she glanced up at him curiously and then went about her business of just sitting there. Night and day from Louise’s first year experience.

Louise panicked. We were right there, told her to look at us, smile, etc., but she was not having it. Oh well – another funny picture for the books!

12.11.14 Santa


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