Celine: Nine months


  • Clothes: In the span of one week, she grew out of all six-month stuff and solidly into the nine month category. Of course that meant I had to run out and buy more clothes!
  • Diapers: Size 3
  • Food: She’s back to six-ounce bottles since we’re upping the food intake. She’s been sick with a cold for a lot of the month and doesn’t eat as much then.
  • Sleep: Sleeps from 6:45pm – 7:15am, and taking two naps a day. Pretty consistent!
  • Personality: She’s starting to figure out her place in the world. For example, she knows if Louise does something and she cries, she gets picked up. Sooooo…now when Louise gets near her she lets out a yelp. She’s still so easy. When she wakes up in the morning or when we put her down for the night, she doesn’t cry. She just makes a few “dada” like noises and then settles. She still has some separation anxiety and is an arm baby, so she cries for a moment when we set her down. But she gets over it pretty quickly.
  • Schedule: Wake up around 7am, 6oz bottle, get dressed, watch big sister Louise eat breakfast, go to school around 8:15am. Take 3 6oz bottles at day care, one to two jars of baby food, and nap twice. Get picked up around 5:40pm. Jump in the bath at 6:20pm, get lotioned and dressed, 6oz bottle, in bed between 6:45-7:00!
  • Milestones: She learned how to wave! Clapping was the precursor to individual hand movement, and it’s really cute. She’s also an expert crawler – we’ll put her down on the floor in the living room and then turn around and she’s followed us to the kitchen. She even tried to go out of the front door the other day. She is also sort of pulling up….more of a “putting hands on a low thing and standing” type of activity. She still can’t officially reach up, grab something, and pull up successfully. She’s definitely thinking about it though!



Weight: 17lbs, 4 oz (25th percentile)
Height: 28.25″ (75th percentile)



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