When Louise was a baby, the milestones and changes we needed to make – not to mention the clothes we needed to buy – happened at a rapid pace. I always felt like I was just getting the hang of a particular phase when the next one would appear, and I’d have to adjust again. Then when she was around 18 months, things slowed down. She was walking, eating real food, generally acting like a regular toddler. I caught my breath.

I think we’re at another change period. We’ve been super lazy about officially potty-training her, allowing her to decide if she was going to wear diapers or panties. We haven’t moved her crib out of her room, and although she almost always sleeps in her “big girl” bed, every once in a while she requests the crib. We’ve been dragging our feet on getting the glider out of there (and into Celine’s room) and putting up her canopy. She still eats in her high chair, instead of a booster seat.

Luckily, Mike’s on the same page that it’s time to make these changes. After our current pack of diapers runs out, we’re done – it’s all panties, all the time. Day care isn’t an issue since they basically potty trained her, so she never goes in her diaper anymore when she’s there. We may still keep one on at night for a bit but the time has come for PANTIES!

I’m desperately looking for a dresser for her room as well, to replace the crib. I want it to be pretty significant since it will be her dresser for as long as we can handle.

The high chair thing will be tricky since it will be immediately inherited by Celine, so I’m sure Louise will have FEELINGS about that. When we all eat together it’s less of an issue, but she typically eats first right when we all get home, and then Mike and I eat later. We’ll have to think about this.


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