Coming up for air


It’s been a crazy week. Last Friday we took Celine to the doctor and they determined she had RSV and a double ear infection.
1.23.15 Celine doctor

Then Saturday morning rolled around and Louise was in dire shape – coughing, very unhappy, very sick. We took her to the ER to find out she had RSV and pneumonia.
1.23.15 Louise doctor

My mom majorly helped out over the week in watching the two girls as they got over their illnesses, but we’re finally peeking our heads out from under the covers!
1.23.15 Celine sleeping 1.23.15 Louise sleeping

Both girls are back in day care today and had a semi-normal sleeping schedule yesterday, so here’s hoping things are getting back to normal.
1.23.15 Celine feeling better 1 1.23.15 Celine feeling better 2 1.23.15 Celine feeling better 3 1.23.15 Girls1 1.23.15 Girls2


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