Super Bowl party

Mike and I decided when we bought our house that we wanted to throw a party once a year. We have friends that throw parties for most occasions – pumpkin carving party for Halloween, a cookie exchange around Christmas, a crawfish boil in the spring, etc – so we decided hosting a Super Bowl party would be perfect.

For food, we decided on smoked pork sliders with a nacho bar, and some of my friends brought appetizer snacks.

I bought WAY too much beer, but at least we didn’t run out! I think we still have two backup cases and about 40 bottles. Yikes.

We played the squares game of course, and I wanted to do a blind beer tasting at halftime. It worked out pretty well and we had three winners!
IMG_8689 IMG_8687 IMG_8692

We had a great time and I think most everyone else did too! My parents were super helpful all afternoon and evening keeping Louise and Celine company.

Everyone left in the third quarter – kids to get to bed, etc – but my brother and his girlfriend stayed until the end. It was a good Sunday – but made for a whirlwind of a Monday morning as we had to clean up and get everyone off to school and work!


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