Louise 2.9


It amazes me what this girl has picked up. I feel like I need to start writing down the things she says because they are so…her. For example: we went to Mariano’s with my parents the other day, and she was minding her own business coloring or something and the waiter reached around her to put down our queso. She glanced at the bowl and then exclaimed, “Oh! Cheese! I like cheese!”

Or when Mike was leaving for work one day when she was sick and bent down to kiss her, and said “can you say good-bye to me?” She wiped her cheek and said, “I don’t want kisses from daddy, I’m too busy to say good-bye. I’m watching Mickey and then I’m watching Doc McStuffins and I am too busy.”

I have to watch what I say around her, too. This past week someone cut me off and then didn’t go through a green arrow, so I grumbled, “you need to move your ass.” She chirped from the back seat, “move ass mommy?” Whoops!

What’s great is she is definitely understanding almost everything when we talk to her. (Whether or not she does what we ask is another story). Mike got her a night light that is also a clock, and set it to change from a yellow night light to a green light at 7:20am. We told her she had to stay in her room until the light turned green. Every morning now (unless she’s still snoozing), she scampers out at 7:20 and says “green light! I wake up with green light.” It’s been great. Now if only there were something similar to keep her IN her room at night…

She’s also…drum roll…potty trained! At about 90%. To be honest, her day care did most of the training (that herd mentality really does wonders for kids), but we’ve officially transitioned to panties. She still wears pullups for naps and at night, but we are a family that teetees in the potty and it’s going pretty well. With Celine close to being done with formula and not having to buy diapers for Louise…who knows how much money we’re going to save!


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