Austin weekend

My brother (the older of my two younger brothers) proposed to his girlfriend when they were in Europe over Christmas. We love Jess and are so excited to have her as an official part of our family. As my mom and I were chatting with the two of them after the engagement, they started asking a lot of questions around the wedding – basically, how do you plan one? It’s a good question and one of those weird things that by the time you get good at planning a wedding, yours is over and that skill kind of loses importance. So I was happy to provide the advice from when I planned my wedding six years ago.
2.10.15 wedding

We thought it would be best to make a weekend trip to Austin to celebrate the engagement and to give some advice. Mike and I picked up the girls from day care right before nap time on Friday afternoon and headed down. Surprisingly, both girls were fantastic during the ride. They both slept for about half of the time and then played happily for the remainder of the trip!

It was a great weekend with family. We gave the newly engaged couple a bottle of champagne to celebrate, and also went to a yummy dinner all together.
2.10.15 Family 2.10.15 Rus and Jess

Louise got to sleep in a super big bed which she definitely maximized. Celine got to try her first girl scout cookie so she was pretty pumped as well.
2.10.15 Bed 2.10.15 Cookie

We headed back to Dallas around 12:30pm on Sunday. The girls slept again, and we stopped in Waco for lunch. It’s nice traveling with Louise now; she is pretty good at keeping herself entertained. Celine cried for the last 45 minutes or so but overall it wasn’t bad!


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