Louise’s outfits

It seems so much easier to me now to dress the girls in cute stuff. I don’t know what my mental block was when Louise was a baby, but I look back at some of it now and think…hmm, mistake.

In any case, now that she’s getting to be more of a kid, it’s even more fun to dress her. Here are a few of the adorable outfits we’ve thrown on her lately.

This one is courtesy of Grandma – the spring Boden catalog came out and we both kind of lost our minds.
2.17.15 Outfit 1

Mike put this one together and I just think it’s funny. Cat sweater + cat leggings = catitude.2.17.15 Outfit 2

Another appearance of the Boden button-down, this time with birds on the knees and a tutu. Also more sunglasses because who would Louise be without accessories?2.17.15 Outfit 3

Speaking of accessories…2.17.15 Outfit 4

Boden is still my go-to for well-made, cute clothes, but Tea Collection is definitely up there too. I thought their baby clothes fit Louise kind of weird but now that she’s in size 3 they are definitely fitting better. For both Louise and Celine I love their leggings – more expensive than an Old Navy or Carter’s but so soft and so thick. Great for winter!


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