Tubular update

Celine had her surgery last Wednesday and she’s already doing much better!
IMG_8790 IMG_8798

We had our ENT appointment the day before, and he said she had two ear infections, so instead of putting her on antibiotics and waiting, we could just do the surgery the next day. I was anxious because I had a meeting that morning I could not miss, but Mike was a rock star and took her all by himself. By the time I got home, they were already home and Celine was napping. She woke up and was so happy!

They also fixed her tongue – she is tongue tied, and the ENT doc suggested we get a frenectomy to remove any potential of problems in her future. You can kind of see her tongue-tied-ness in this picture:

Although I was apprehensive about it, we went ahead and did it. She seemed to notice a difference when she woke up from her nap – she was moving her tongue around her mouth, exploring – but definitely didn’t seem like she was in pain. Success!


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