Celine: ONE YEAR

Happy birthday to my baby girl!

  • Clothes: Moving well into the 12 month sizing!
  • Food: We are cutting the bottle feedings way down. The only real full one is in the morning when she wakes up, and then we use them as sort of “toppers” after she eats, before her nap and before she goes to bed. For about a week or so though, she hasn’t had more than one ounce per feeding, so I’m thinking we’ll be able to give those bottles up in a couple of weeks and then the morning bottle soon after.
  • Sleep: Still sleeping through the night but waking up between 6:30-7am, which is a little earlier than Louise used to wake up so it’s an adjustment. She is also struggling through dropping one nap – we’re not forcing the issue but she doesn’t seem to want to take one, but then gets really tired in the afternoon. I’m sure she’ll adjust soon!
  • Personality: She squeals to get attention sometimes which I think is funny, but also is hopefully not a habit because I don’t want her to do it in public! She’s starting to actually interact and play with babies and Louise which is cute. She is so sweet, leaning and cuddling with most everyone. She’s also still shy around strangers, much like Louise was at this age.
  • Walking: Not quite yet, though we catch her standing without support every once in a while. I think she could do it if she thought about it, but she’s not really paying attention to it at this point. I think she gets more attention asking to be picked up.
  • Talking: She still isn’t saying much beyond “dada,” “mama,” and “baba.” Oh and cat of course (CA). She points at EVERYTHING and watches us say the words, and makes a lot of noises with her mouth and tongue, but no additional words yet.
  • Teeth: Just ONE. I can see three just dying to poke out…so do it already! She needs the help chewing food!

DSC_0005 DSC_0018 DSC_0024


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