Diary of a Sick Kid, Part FINALLY

Both Louise and Celine (and Mike, actually) developed a light cold over the past week. Of course Mike and I are hyper-sensitive crazy concerned parents when it comes to illness, so we took Celine to the doctor to ensure she didn’t develop an ear infection. The doctor was like, um, no, she’s good, her tubes are working, she’s just teething, slow your roll.


Then Louise started coughing and complaining that it hurt, which was the signal for OH SHIT SHE HAS PNEUMONIA. So I took yesterday off to care for her, and to take her to the doctor. Our doctor’s first available appointment was at 2:10, so we hung around the house all morning and watched cartoons.

But then I noticed that she wasn’t really acting sick, and she seemed sort of…bored. I didn’t want to do any heavy physical activity like take her to the park in case she had pneumonia, so I decided to take her to the mall and go to see Cinderella. I know it was risky – she’s never been to a movie before, and I was unsure about her attention span – but I figured the only people who would be in the theater at 11am on a Wednesday were other parents with children. So that’s what we did. I asked her if she wanted to go and she said yes. Here’s how she says Cinderella:

(Dominique was in town for the day and I told her she was coming, and that she had a baby in her belly. She was excited about going to see “Bella Bella” and then Aunt Dom.)

We packed up and headed out. She did pretty good in the theater. There was one other mom-and-daughter, one couple, and one single. Louise sat with me through the previews and the Frozen mini episode, and about 15 minutes into the movie our popcorn ran out. So she started walking around the theater and climbing into other seats, which I decided was ok. About an hour in, she somehow hurt herself and started wailing, so I figured we were done with the movie and we bolted. We were walking around the mall for a bit and came across Claire’s. Louise’s mind almost exploded with all of the accessory options. We settled on a princess crown, a necklace, and a bracelet. Louise was pretty pumped about it.
3.26.15 Louise princess 1 3.26.15 Louise princess 2

We walked around the mall for a bit more (she was interested in the Build-a-Bear store but I was like WE ARE NOT STARTING THAT OBSESSION RIGHT NOW), and since it was 1pm I decided to grab lunch there instead of trying to go back home before the doctor. We sat outside in the Northpark courtyard at Breadwinners. Louise played with rocks and continued to get a lot of attention for her princess accessories.
3.26.15 Louise princess 3

We left the mall after lunch and went to her doctor’s appointment. He checked her lungs and said, well, she’s totally clear – no pneumonia. YES. Also this was the second time this week that we brought a healthy kid in to get checked. Trigger-happy? Maybe. But at least Louise was healthy! We think the inhaler (she calls it the “haler-haler”) is actually working which is such a relief.

We came home and AUNT DOM came over. Louise shouted hello and then peacocked a bit to show off her new accessories. Dominique, who knows Louise well, added to the collection with some sunglasses:
3.26.15 Louise princess 4

So what could have been a depressing day with yet another pneumonia diagnosis ended up being a wonderful mother-daughter day out that ended with some quality time with Dominique. I’d say that’s a win!

Except Mike was getting ready for work this morning and stepped on the crown and broke it. I told him he had 24 hours to get a replacement or else we are ALL going to pay.


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