Bath time with Celine

Mike and I switch off who puts which girl to bed every night, and right now Celine is the easy one. She goes to bed earlier, doesn’t put up as much of a fuss about bath time and pajama application, and doesn’t have extra steps like brushing teeth and blow drying hair. It goes pretty much like this:

We tell her it’s bath time and start the water as we carry her into her room to get her undressed. Then we throw her in, wash her, and let her play for a bit.
IMG_9026 IMG_9032

We grab her and dry her off with her towel. She is crazy about photos right now so she demands we take her to the two photos of her and Louise in the bathroom so she can point at them and make noises.
IMG_9038 IMG_9040
IMG_9041 IMG_9043

Then it’s lotion and pajama time, and then we read a story (usually Row, Row, Row Your Boat), and by then she’s more than ready for bed!


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