Day care Easter party

Louise and Celine had their parties for Easter this afternoon. Louise was excited to bring her Easter basket into class.

Mike and I both went – his first time to a day care party! We went to Louise’s room first. They’d already had their egg hunt. We met and chatted with Sawyer’s dad…Louise and Sawyer are bffs. Both of his parents tell us that Louise is all he talks about, and it’s the same on our end. Their birthdays are also four days apart…meant to be?
IMG_9141 IMG_9142 IMG_9144

Louise…we wear panties now. Close the legs!!IMG_9146

The parents bring food for these parties but the kids really only care about the Cheetos. I’m serious. There were fits, bargaining…they even looked past the cookies for the Cheetos. Who knew Cheetos were toddler crack.

Mike peeled off to go to Celine’s party, which wasn’t super eventful. First they explained the rules to the kids. Celine was like:

Mike said she just sort of sat there while everyone crawled around and got eggs. Oh Celine.

Then Mike took her to see the Easter bunny. Went just about as well as the last time.

Mike brought Celine back to Louise’s room, where she proceeded to eat Louise’s fruit and drink her juice.
IMG_9148 IMG_9153 IMG_9152

Both girls had a good time and we got to go home early, which was an extra bonus!


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