Since we had the main event the day before, our actual Easter was not super eventful. However I was super excited to put out Louise and Celine’s Easter baskets, and their bathing suits. My parents always laid out a nice outfit for us for Easter, and I wanted to do something similar with the girls. I decided bathing suits (plus accessories) would be a good Easter tradition.

Celine’s basket was mostly books and stuffed animals, and Louise’s had a little more candy, lots of stickers, and a bubble machine.
IMG_9187 IMG_9190

Celine’s basket also had sunglasses. Louise’s had…CHAPSTICK (aka lip gloss).
IMG_9193 IMG_9196 IMG_9201

Then we had our egg hunt. We did it indoors since the weather was so bad, which is a good thing because Louise is not awesome at finding eggs just yet. We more or less had to point everything out.
IMG_9206 IMG_9209 IMG_9211 IMG_9213

I boiled some eggs while the girls took their nap, and we dyed them when they woke up. Louise was a fan…especially of the stickers. Shocking. Clearly she also loved her new bathing suit…I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t everyday wear but Louise does what Louise wants.

We just hung out for the rest of the day. It was fun!


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