Celine: 13 months

Welp…here we are, on the other side of a year.

  • Clothes: 12 and 12-18 month clothes. She’s still a fairly petite baby, but she’s growing!
  • Food: She’s eating like a hoss. Seriously…she’s like a black hole. If she sees food she has to have it. She gets VERY upset if someone is eating in front of her, or if we’re slow giving her food, or if there is any time between when we put her in her high chair and food starts entering her mouth. If we’re holding her in the kitchen she just points at everything to get us to give it to her. She is a food machine!
  • Sleep: Consolidated to one nap a day for the most part. She’s actually sleeping better in the toddler room versus the infant room at day care, which means she’s a happier baby when we pick her up. In the infant room, all babies are on different sleeping schedules, and I think she’s a light sleeper. In the toddler room, they put everyone on their nap mats and turn off the lights for two hours. She is responding much better to that.
  • Personality: She is so different than Louise and I love seeing those little glimpses into her personality start to come out. Louise, although very toddler-ish right now, has pretty much always followed rules and been neat. I don’t think Celine will follow in her footsteps – her favorite thing right now is to throw things on the ground! She also is very playful. I’ve already started noticing when she is trying to be silly or get us to interact with her. When I came back from my girl’s trip and was playing with her on our bed, she would throw herself onto the pillow and then lean towards me for tickles.
  • Walking: I can tell she’s developing quickly and is starting to take one, two, and three steps on her own. Trisa at day care (one of Louise’s old teachers who I love) says she takes steps when she thinks nobody is looking. I’m confident she’ll be able to walk by the time we go to Aspen the first week of June!
  • Talking: Same as last month, although I can tell she’s starting to figure out that she can use sounds to communicate. I think we may see some development on this front in the next few months.
  • Teeth: Two! We’ve upped our teeth by 100%. The top two look like they’re just dying to come out too.



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