Louise’s 3rd Birthday

Mike and I decided to take the family to New Orleans this past weekend, partially to celebrate Louise’s third birthday, partially to go to Jazzfest, but mostly to celebrate Dominique’s baby! Her baby shower was on Saturday and it was so nice to spend some time talking about the soon-to-be baby Chauvin! Dominique is an amazing pregnant person too…not only does she look great (we all could have predicted that), but she even went to Jazzfest with us on Sunday. Amazing.

We flew in Friday morning. Right as we were pulling up to the airport in Dallas, I realized we didn’t have Celine’s birth certificate (you need it if she’s a lap baby to prove she’s under 2), and I also forgot my cell phone. It was a weird weekend not being connected, and I’m sure I missed out on some photo ops, but otherwise it went ok. The gate agent was ok using an Instagram post to prove Celine’s age so the birth certificate was a non-issue, and somehow we were TSA Pre-checked so our security experience was a breeze. The sky was clear which meant our flight was smooth, and Celine slept the whole time. All in all our travel to New Orleans was pretty much perfect.

Once we got to Mike’s parent’s house, Louise immediately spotted her present from Grammy – among other things, a princess dress. Guess what she wore all weekend, including during naps?

We knew Louise was excited about her birthday cake because that’s all she could really talk about – we’d ask what she wants for her birthday and she would say “white.” Meaning, white cake. So when we got in, Grammy got her to work helping make her white cake! (that Cinderella was another present from Grammy).

That night we walked to Dominique and Ross’ new house in Metairie. They live literally around the corner from Mike’s parents so it was an easy walk. I love their new home!

The next day I didn’t get many pictures, but I along with about ten other women threw Dominique a baby shower. The shower was at a friend’s mother’s house on St. Charles, which was such a beautiful, classically New Orleans home. So fun!

I brought Louise to the shower and she was so amazing – everyone commented on how good she was, how she acted older than three, how she was so helpful and patient. Although I was thinking “yeah, right NOW she’s acting this way, check back in two hours,” I was happy she put her best foot forward.

After naps, we went to the park. Celine looks like she was not enjoying it but she was basically falling asleep.
IMG_9386 IMG_9385 IMG_9384

The next day was Jazzfest day. We were originally planning on bringing Louise, but she was a bit sick so we decided against it. Parent outing what what!

Ladies in hats:
DSC_0006 IMG_9383

Mike broke his chair:IMG_9378

While we were at Jazzfest, the girls had some more park time:
IMG_9379 IMG_9381

We had a laid-back evening at home with some delicious dinner, which culminated in some CAKE for Louise’s birthday.
DSC_0015 DSC_0021 DSC_0027 DSC_0028

We had some more fun on Monday in Dallas for her actual birthday. We flew in by about 11:15am (it was slightly traumatic considering they had to bring me into a back room to pat me down because apparently my hands tested positive for explosives), and after we dropped Celine off at day care, we took Louise out for her favorite food (chicken and hummus), and then decorated the house while she was sleeping. My parents, grandparents, and Taylor came over for dinner, cake, and presents. Louise ate it up.
DSC_0045 DSC_0050 DSC_0053 DSC_0054

Happy Birthday, miss princess Louise!DSC_0003


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