Louise: Three Years Old

We made it!! To three! Which means we have at least one more year of insanity!!!DSC_0001

Louise has hit the princess thing HARD. We now have a crown and lots of princess jewelry, and any time she wears a dress she is a princess. We didn’t even sit through all of the new Cinderella movie and she can’t stop talking about “Cinderbella,” her dress, and her castle. Mrs. Haydel bought her a hot pink princess costume that Louise would wear every day and night if we let her. She wore it in the airport coming back from New Orleans and was a hit.DSC_0008

She’s talking in full sentences and using new words and phrases all the time. We taught her “relax” which is always funny to hear (“I’m relaxing”), and when we were in New Orleans she added a new one. We asked if she needed to go potty and she said “no – I’m just hanging out.”DSC_0011

She gets into what could best be described as “funks.” She will get really scared of Nietzsche for a week or so, then casually say “he won’t bite me, right?” and be totally over it. Or she’ll refuse her inhaler for a few days and then act like nothing is wrong. Right now her funk is bedtime (yay for us). She freaks out when she knows it’s coming, and says things like “mommy I need you, please stay with me, please lay down with me, I need you.” This breaks my heart, but I also know she’s just trying to delay bedtime and get extra snuggle time. Of course we played into this in New Orleans – Mike slept with her for a bit one night, and I did the next night – so we’ve had to be very firm after coming back. She still doesn’t go to sleep until basically 11pm, which I know impacts her overall mood.DSC_0012

When she’s being good, she’s SO GOOD. That’s what makes her tantrums even more frustrating – I know she’s capable of being a good girl. When we are in public or at someone else’s house she’s almost always an angel. She likes running now though, which can be a little difficult in places like the airport, but if you give her goals (“go run to that wall and then come back”) she’s pretty easy to control.DSC_0014

Her memory is so good, too, which has burned us a couple of times! You can’t tell her something to get her off your back…she’ll remember. Even if it’s days later.DSC_0015

She likes to summarize events. When we pick her up from day care she goes through her day, which I just love. She bounces around from high level stuff (“I played with my friends”) to super specific (“I saw a butterfly outside and it was yellow and black and it had wings and it was flying!”). We like to prep her when doing something outside of the norm, like flying or going to a party, so she repeats what we say and then after the event, repeats it more. It’s like she’s solidifying the activity or event in her mind.DSC_0003She’s still a skinny lady – 37 inches tall but only 32 pounds. I think she only gained about two pounds this past year. She definitely fits in size 3 shirts and dresses but her little waist and legs aren’t quite in size 3 shorts and pants (unless they’re leggings). Her hair has grown so much, too. We took her to get a haircut two weekends ago and it looks so much better now…not sure why I put that off for so long.

Even when she’s difficult we love her so much. She’s such a character and we love watching her grow!


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