Mother’s Day weekend

Although it was rainy and gross all weekend, we still had a pretty good time. With one major exception: LOUISE AND HER SLEEPING.

Starting a couple of weeks ago, Louise has been popping out of bed throughout the night. She’ll patter into our room and try to get in our bed, complaining of a hurt finger, or that she’s thirsty, or that she’s scared. It started out pretty infrequent so we were ok with giving her whatever she wanted, but it steadily got worse, with it culminating this past weekend. She would barely get in bed to begin with before hopping out repeatedly, crying, etc. She even tries to sleep on the floor in the hallway or bathroom.
5.11.15 sleeping in hallway

Saturday night was the worst – I was up from 2:30-5:15am, just putting her in bed every 5-10 minutes as she whined at our door.

I was trying to find solutions online, and most articles agreed that you just have to do what you do with infants – sleep train. Every time they get up, you silently (so you don’t get emotional or play into their stalling tactics) pick them up and bring them back to bed. As many times as it takes. I did that Saturday night, and Mike was ready to take the reins Sunday night. Luckily, after about two hours of popping out between 9-11pm, she actually went to bed, IN HER BED, and stayed ALL NIGHT. Let me tell you, we were ALL in great moods this morning.
5.11.15 headband

Anywhoodles, Mike made sure I still had a great Mother’s Day even though I was exhausted. He let me sleep in, made breakfast, took Louise to the store to give me a break, bought flowers, and made delicious shrimp kabobs for dinner at my brother’s house. Another great present was that Celine started walking! She was taking steps here and there, but over the weekend it turned in to full-scale, all-in walking. She can bend down and pick something up, she can turn around, she can do it all.

The best part for me is that I can now put all of her cute dresses on her!
5.11.15 Blue dress 5.11.15 Walking


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