This past weekend

Although both Louise and Mike were briefly sick over the weekend (and now me), we managed to cobble together a decent weekend.

My mom invited me to a play on Friday, so I left Mike with the girls and headed out. It was a good time! We even had a sassy dinner in West Village at Taco Diner beforehand.

Saturday we basically just stayed home, since Louise was sick. Celine and I took a trip to Target but that’s about it.

Sunday we had a birthday party and then had our monthly “family” dinner with our friends. We were planning to go to the birthday party as a family but Mike wasn’t feeling great, so I took Louise by myself. We had a fun time at The Little Gym for Maggie’s birthday! Of course Louise was pumped Sawyer was there.
IMG_9480 IMG_9481 IMG_9483 IMG_9486 IMG_9487 IMG_9489 IMG_9490

Then we ate and had cupcakes. Louise has never been a fan of pizza so she sat there and repeatedly asked for her cupcake.
IMG_9491 IMG_9492 IMG_9493 IMG_9494

Then we got things together and hosted our friends and their families that night. It was mayhem but in the best way!
IMG_9501 IMG_9505


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