Celine: 14 months

A big month for this growing girl! (crazy hair don’t care)

  • Clothes: 12 and 12-18 month clothes. She’s definitely grown in the past month!
  • Food: Still eating the most in the household. She gets legitimately upset if she doesn’t get to eat when she can. We met friends at Hopdoddy the other day and I gave Celine a mustard bottle to keep her occupied. When I went to greet my friend, she said “did you know Celine is eating mustard?” I thought she meant holding the bottle, but when I turned around I saw that Louise had unscrewed the top and Celine was licking inside the bottle. I guess she likes mustard?
  • Sleep: Officially one nap a day, and all night. She’s been teething the past couple of weeks which can wake her up at night but she’s the happiest baby in the morning. She basically leaps out of her crib and shrieks at high decibels. Adorable.
  • Personality: She is going to be sassy, I think! I don’t know if it’s a second child thing, but she’s much more assertive than Louise was at this age and definitely works to make her presence known. We were at Target the other day and I was letting her walk around, and she was actively trying to “escape” me. Sassy lady!
  • Walking: Done and done! I can tell she wants to RUN now.
  • Talking: She is starting to say certain things like “kitty cat,” but it’s mostly in the inflection and pacing versus the actual sounds.
  • Teeth: Still two, but boy oh boy, the top four are just begging to come out. They are basically stretching the gums in front of them – I imagine they’ll be out in the next week! (I sure hope so too, I know they haven’t been comfortable)



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