Our big girls

I don’t know how it happened, but all of a sudden we have big girls on our hands.

Mike and I can let them play on their own while we do something (usually it’s laundry or cleaning the kitchen), which is amazing and also scary. We have to shut all the doors to the bathrooms because Celine’s newest thing is dipping her hand into the toilet and then putting it in her mouth. Sanitary!
6.2.15 Celine 2

Louise is SO verbally expressive – she puts together sentences and says things that blow Mike and me away. She’ll throw out statements that we have never said and we wonder where she gets it! She’s also discovered she doesn’t have to tell the truth. Right now it’s little things like whether or not she ate food at day care, but…this could spell trouble.
6.2.15 Louise 1

Celine has four teeth and the strongest urge to walk as fast as possible. She understands us when we speak to her and is starting to think critically. She knows where the applesauce is in our pantry and stands there whining until she gets one.
6.2.15 Celine 1

Louise actually listens to Mike and me now when we’re talking to each other, so we’ve become those P-A-R-E-N-T-S that have to S-P-E-L-L just about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, or else she’ll pick up on the money word like “marshmallows” and run with it.
6.2.15 Louise 2

Celine realized that she can tell us things now – mostly in the form of shaking her head yes or no. Many times she doesn’t want out of her crib in the morning – she’ll shake her head no when I ask if she wants to get up, and instead read a book, or roll around giggling, or poke at her sister who is always on the other side of her crib. For her part, Louise’s self-appointed role is now opening Celine’s door and shrieking “GOOD MORNING CELINE!” every morning. Woe to the parent that does not let Louise do this.
6.2.15 Celine 3

Louise is reeeeeeeally trying to assert herself. From the sleeping situation to having to do everything “by myself,” it’s wearing thin, but I know why she’s doing it. Just this morning she was on our bed and I asked if she wanted to go get Celine (see above). She said “yes, but I need help getting off the bed.” I reached down and she yelped “NO! I can do it all by myself!” OK…make up your mind kid.
6.2.15 Louise 3


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