We just got back from a fun and exhausting trip to Aspen for Mike’s cousin’s wedding! I loved it up there and I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. So I guess that means it was a success.

We flew in to Denver on Wednesday morning, rented a car, and drove the four hours to Aspen. Quite the day of travel but the kids were great. There’s a play area in Love Field airport that kept them busy…
IMG_9602 IMG_9605

…and I overpacked slightly in hopes of keeping them entertained and fed on the flight.

We had a delay once we were on the flight which meant that purse’o’stuff came in very handy, and Louise was great on the flight. Celine was super wiggly until five minutes before we landed, and then passed out.

When we were landing, I pointed out the clouds and how they would make the plane bumpy. Previously Louise has either loved it or not cared, but this time she said “I’m scared” and wanted to hold hands. I hope my fear of flying is not rubbing off on her!IMG_9610

Once we rented our sweet minivan (seriously…we love it), we headed to Aspen. Celine relaxed to the max and enjoyed a rest stop romp halfway there. Louise played on the iPad most of the time, and sang songs.
DSC_0002 DSC_0003 IMG_9612

Once we arrived at our condo, we basically had to throw our stuff in our room, change, and head out for the first night’s event. We had a babysitter for the first two nights until my parents got in town and she was lovely!

The first event was welcome cocktails at the bride’s parent’s home. It was a wonderful welcome to Aspen! (Gotta love the first pic…the photographer wasn’t awesome at suggesting a good spot)
IMG_9655 IMG_9615 IMG_9627

The groom!IMG_9625

Thursday was gorgeous with wonderful weather, so we decided to maximize our outside time with the girls while Mike went fly fishing.

I went a little bonkers right before we left and bought Celine and myself new fleeces. I ended up not needing mine but Celine’s came in handy.

I also bought the girls matching hats that were very useful. They can be worn in water or out and have a chin strap. The sun was intense so I am glad neither of them got sunburned.IMG_9654 IMG_9634 IMG_9656 IMG_9638 IMG_9639 IMG_9643

We were trying to get Celine ready for a picture…Louise didn’t need the coaxing.IMG_9652 IMG_9653


Then, we drove in to Aspen for lunch. Celine was so interested in everything around her she didn’t even really eat…and that is saying something.

She and Grammy had some quality time while Louise hung at the pool with Uncle Ross and Aunt Dom.
IMG_9679 IMG_9683 MTx2SxdJucAkQUsvCrT-eCbvh67nI2qHH9C1JcRVTPWSLYkyq9DMgVIzxFMQoLykkiyxpIFifOGXapnb-_V98v7tS0tnWGMh_vavXmSzApa17Dbj-KXPBt1Zv04l09Alw_-jaj3bD5WL3dTAh0x6hwF7vT4pcoOzZeyxtpKSGNc5vrmBLzQKuCmtoXkcHyoh94LtLUC3

Grumps got his quality time in too.

Thursday night’s party was at a family friend’s house, and it was definitely Aspen chic! The home was the kind that has a bowling alley, movie-watching room, etc., and the views were to die for.
IMG_9661 IMG_9674 IMG_9675

The party favors were Hershey kisses in mugs with marijuana leaves on them, and a wild rumor started that they were “special” chocolates. Not true…but it made a lot of people very interested!

Friday was not super busy. Celine woke up at 4am so we spent most of the morning tag-teaming child care while we caught up on sleep. Mike, Dominique, Celine, and I went to Aspen to run a few errands and have lunch, while Grammy, Grumps, and Louise went for a bike ride.

Friday night was the welcome party hosted by the bride’s parents, followed by an intimate rehearsal dinner. Mike was a groomsman so we went to both!

Bus selfies:
IMG_9869 IMG_9873 IMG_9883
IMG_9882 IMG_9874 IMG_9875 IMG_9884 IMG_9886

I only got one picture of the rehearsal dinner but it was in the wine cellar of a lovely restaurant, and might have had the best food I ate the entire trip. All of the speeches were loving and amazing. After the dinner we hung out with everyone at the St. Regis, but the last shuttle back to our condo was 11:30 so we had to jet. Good thing, because our kids were waking up at 6am on the dot (except for Friday morning which was 4am for Celine…yay for me).

Saturday morning Mike left to golf with the groomsmen and family members, so Celine and I took it easy while Louise went to ride the gondola with the Haydels. I had to pack since we were leaving first thing Sunday morning, and both girls were getting super high maintenance in the early afternoon, so I was ecstatic when my parents showed up at 4pm to babysit!

We got to the church with about ten minutes to spare, but unfortunately they didn’t have enough seating for everyone so Dominique and I stood on the side for the ceremony. I was impressed she did it – 8 months pregnant, in heels! It was a gorgeous ceremony and Mike was a rock star groomsman, even though his pants wouldn’t stay up (lol).
IMG_9891 IMG_9892

After the ceremony we headed to the St. Regis. Everything was gorgeous – the white and blush flowers were to die for – and the food was delicious!
IMG_9893 IMG_9896 IMG_9897 IMG_9898

Mike and I sat at the head table (again…groomsman) so we got a great 360 degree view of the festivities during dinner. Dinner was in the courtyard and was tented with draping and lights…it was so pretty. The sun came out so you didn’t get the full effect of the room until later at night, so we went back and took a few photos once the sun went down.
IMG_9899 IMG_9900 IMG_9929 IMG_9905 IMG_9909

Once dinner was over, everyone moved back inside for dancing. The band was the best wedding band I’ve ever heard. Rumor was they played for Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s wedding, Channing Tatum’s wedding, Jim Carrey’s charity events, etc. I believe it – they were awesome!
IMG_9903 IMG_9915 IMG_9916 IMG_9920 IMG_9924 IMG_9928

We would have loved to stay for the whole time, but we were all exhausted and knew we had an early morning. After they cut the cake we had one more boogie on the dance floor and then we left.
IMG_9930 IMG_9931

We actually got out on time (shocker for us) and the check-in and flight were easy peasy. We were all happy to be home and we all slept hard and well. I think Celine liked Aspen the most…so did her hair. It frizzed up the moment we walked off the plane in Dallas!


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