Louise: 3.1

Oh, my darling three year old daughter. What a delight you have been this past month.

Juuuuuust kidding. What a terror! She is SO assertive and SUCH a three-year old I can barely stand it at times. She’s decided she wants to fight potty training, which is just so awesome for me that I can no longer tell if I ACTUALLY smell like pee or am just reeling from cleaning it up. She is still fighting sleeping in her room, which means her bedtime starts at 8:30 and lasts until 10:30 or when she sobs herself to sleep. She’s fighting eating – she’s even denied things like mac and cheese which historically have been no-brainers. Basically she’s fighting everything. She’s even progressed into saying “mom” and “dad” now. What??

And yet. She can be so sweet, randomly exclaiming “mom! I love your hair!” or giving random hugs and kisses. The other day we were resting in bed and I said, “I love resting with you,” and she responded with “me. Louise. And you are mom, your name is Shannon, and I love resting with Shannon too.” It was funny but also pretty sweet.

She’s alternately really, really good with Celine and a pest. You never know if she’s going to give her a gentle hug and share a toy, or if she’s going to push her over and grab a toy. It’s a toss-up. Celine is doing a good job of playing defense and falling easily into the role of victim – she’ll screech when Louise comes over and then peek at me to see if I’m going to do something. Nice acting, Cece. 😉


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