Louise sleep update, part forever

It looks like we have a new normal in the Haydel household, in that Louise has officially given up her bed. We’ve given up trying to put her in it, too, because she will actually sleep peacefully in her sleeping bag (or just a couple of blankets and pillow) in her hallway, which…look, if it works, it works.

She will still occasionally try to bring her sleeping bag in the living room, or show up at the foot of my bed at 4am. But usually she sleeps through the night, and then slinks into our room around 6am to hop into bed with us and snuggle/sleep in those last precious minutes before the day starts. And as much as I want that sleep, it’s one of my favorite parts of the day and one of the few times she’s not one millisecond away from melting down. So we let it happen.

Plus I get adorable pictures like these.
6.11.15 Sleep3 6.11.15 Sleep1 6.11.15 Sleep2


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