October 8, 2011

That was the year my sister married the love of her life. Who was a woman.
DSC_1993 DSC_1762 DSC_1828

New York state legalized marriage between two people of the same sex (I’m so over “gay marriage” and “same-sex marriage”) in July of that year. So soon prior to their wedding, actually, that when my sister and her now-wife went to get their license, the office struggled with what form to provide – they only had “bride” and “groom.”

The wedding was gorgeous and full of love. My sisters have been living together, with each other and now with their 19-month old son, in gay-friendly states ever since.

Now, they don’t need to worry about that. Even Texas, where the governor is so incensed by the SCOTUS ruling he’s spouting fire, has to acknowledge them for what they are – a married couple.

So although October 8, 2011 means so much to me, now June 26, 2015 does too.


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