Independence Day

This year for the Fourth of July, Mike and I decided to have a little staycation. My friend is a member at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas and was able to get us reduced-rate rooms. My parents joined us and it was a fun, relaxing weekend!

We had Friday off from work, so after naps we headed out to the ‘burbs. We brought a comical amount of stuff but it ended up working out beautifully. We brought our wagon which was a great way to cart the kids from our hotel room to the family pool which was probably a quarter mile away. We also brought a lot of beer!
7.3.15 Beer 7.3.15 Beer2

Friday afternoon we went out to the pool for a bit, and just ate at the buffet set up at the pool. The nice thing about having two rooms right next to each other is we could put Celine down and bring our monitor to the next room to hang out for a bit.

Saturday we headed down to eat breakfast. Louise decided she wanted ketchup with her pancakes. Whatever works, man.
7.4.15 Pancakes

By the way, Celine’s new favorite pastime is pulling toilet paper off the roll.
7.4.15 Toilet paper

After breakfast it was pool time!
7.4.15 Wagon 7.4.15 Dad and me 7.4.15 Pool

We took a lunch break in our room, but most of the day was spent at the pool. Taylor and Hillary joined us in the early afternoon as well.

Around 5:45, we changed into regular clothes and headed down to dinner. Unfortunately we didn’t get a full group picture, but we did capture those in red shirts!
7.4.15 Patriotic

After dinner my parents got in the regular (not family) pool with Louise, which was nice because it was not super sunny and hot and nobody was in the pool. We were all ready to take a power nap after that but Mike won that honor, so we threw the kids in the hotel room with him and watched a great fireworks display on the green.

We loved the staycation idea for the Fourth and definitely want to do it again!

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