Louise: 3.2

She was so much better this month! Totally potty trained with pee (the poopoo thing is another story), eating most things, and her sentences are exploding. She says the funniest things these days.

I think she’s turned a corner with comprehension, too. I can tell she understands much more and it shows in what she says.

She just started her summer camp (which is just a half-day camp at the school she’s going to) and I’ve been so proud of her for transitioning fairly well. She pouts or screams still a bit when I drop her off, but she’s always happy when I pick her up and she goes back to day care with minimal fuss. Probably because they have lunch waiting for her.

I think she actually understands that she needs to be gentle with Celine. Whether or not she decides to do it depends on her mood. They have some really cute moments together lately though – it’s nice to see them interact! And of course Celine wants whatever Louise is eating which is pretty cute.DSC_0023

We’ve given up on her sleeping in her toddler bed, but she’s sleeping in her sleeping bag in the hallway and it’s working just fine. She typically doesn’t get up and sleeps all night, so we aren’t pushing it for now.DSC_0027


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