Celine: 16 months

Still rocking and rolling; still such a fun little lady!

She’s definitely increased her vocabulary. Day care says she basically decided to talk one day and that it just happened. Her favorite words are still “kitty cat” and “wa-wa” (water). And of course “all done!” She signs for “more,” and she adds a little body wiggle that is just so cute. We’ve started communicating by making funny faces. She loves it – it always gets a giggle.DSC_0003

I can tell that she is comprehending so much more. She knows most of her body parts and she LOVES songs. She asks me to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, BINGO, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Of course she has hand motions for each.DSC_0039

She is still in the “eat almost anything” phase, although for some weird reason she’s not a fan of chicken in any form. She’ll eat fish, beef…but chicken? She’ll put it in her mouth and then push it out with her tongue. So different from Louise!DSC_0007

She’s definitely in 18 month tops now, and pajamas. Independent bottoms are still 12 months but she’s growing. I’ve been trying to make sure she has her own clothes and not just hand-me-downs from Louise. As a second child I fully support it! (Although shoes are another story…Louise blew through size 4 shoes so they’re all basically brand new. Celine did get a new pair of sweet Nike water socks though.)

Not quite sure what to do with her hair at this point. She pulls out any barrettes or headbands I put in and it’s so fuzzy. I guess I need to just keep trying!

She popped the two teeth on either side of her two front teeth so our count is up to six. Go Celine!

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