One pot meals

Guess what! I cooked twice this week! And ran twice too! Expect the world to end at any moment.

I was feeling like cooking something on Tuesday and googled around until I found a one-pot pasta that had lots of veggies and seemed fairly easy. I went to Mike’s desk and told him I was going to do one of those one-pot meals. He nodded and said “Oh yeah? The one I emailed you last week?” I stared at him. He did? Whoops. And I thought this was totally my idea.

Anyway, I asked Louise to help me so she wouldn’t sit there and whine about being hungry the whole time. I gave Celine a metric ton of watermelon and let her get to work while we set everything up in the kitchen.

I cut up the broccoli, onions, garlic, and parsley while Louise snapped the asparagus and took the stems off the mushrooms.
7.31.15 One pot ingredients

I chopped those as well and then threw everything in the pot with the linguine.
7.31.15 One pot everything in 2

Louise helped me add salt and pepper.
7.31.15 One pot everything in

Everything started cooking and moving pretty quickly.
7.31.15 One pot cooking

Mike came home right around then so he grated some Parmesan and a little lemon zest into the pot. Then we were ready to eat!
7.31.15 One pot parmesan

I liked it and so did the girls (they are huge fans of broccoli), but it wasn’t the best thing we’ve ever eaten. Still it was nice to get some clean veggies in during the week.

Encouraged, I decided to try again yesterday with a chicken and rice version. Same setup but with chicken thigh meat, onions, and carrots. I think this recipe was much more delicious and everyone but Louise agreed.

I think one-pot dishes might be my thing!


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