When I was pregnant with Louise, I was not super into the smocked clothing. I thought it was just a little…hmm. Cheesy, maybe? Lazy? Also I thought the prices were kind of high.

But…after having two girls I am kind of sucked into it. I think it’s fun to be festive, or even a little tongue-in-cheek with the “message” you can give with the design on the smocking. I proudly marched Louise around the mall in this the day after the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage:
7.31.15 Rainbow smocking

But I also realized that a lot of the smocked dresses are just…really pretty! And Louise loves dresses right now.

So, now that I’m a convert, I decided to visit the Smocked Auctions “sample sale” this past week. It was a three day event at a hotel five minutes from my work. I stopped by Wednesday around 6:15, and this is what I walked into:
7.31.15 Smocked sample Women had basically bum rushed the ballroom when they opened the doors and hoarded outfits off the racks, squatting on the floor in any open spot to sift through and select the ones they actually wanted. I guess I’d never been in that type of environment before but it almost gave me a panic attack. There was no room for politeness or second guessing. These women were serious.
7.31.15 Smocked sample 2

When these piranhas finally made their selections, they abandoned the remaining options and walked to the checkout line. There were employees picking up discarded outfits and throwing them on “returned” racks in the middle of the room. I quickly realized that’s where you could snag the good stuff. Of course everyone else knew too, so there was a lot of tense pacing right by those racks and quick positioning once an employee made their way over with the clothes. You basically had to snag anything that looked remotely interesting and make a decision after it was in your hands.

Even with all of that, I felt that I found a few good dresses. I was specifically looking for Halloween and Thanksgiving dresses, and I miraculously found two Thanksgiving dresses in a Celine-friendly color that matched in each of their sizes, so I was very pleased. I had some Christmas dresses in hand as well, but put them back because I’d already pre-ordered a couple of Christmas dresses the week before. (I did keep one red one for Louise). I was really bummed about not finding a Halloween smocked dress with pumpkins on it in a color like blue…and then realized I had a Celine-size blue smocked dress with pumpkins on it at home. Soooo…disaster averted?
7.31.15 Smocked sample 3

My friend Carlie and I had decided to meet up and go on Friday, so I headed back. It was much calmer…way less people, and the ballroom was smaller. It was definitely the picked-over stuff but the prices were halved (or more). I ended up getting a few more things, including Halloween pj’s for the girls. Now to get the pj’s monogrammed! (What have I become?)


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