Louise: 3.3

Hey girl!DSC_0002

Louise continues to crack us up with what she says. It’s not even really the words themselves, it’s what it shows she understands, and the tone in which she says them. She also loves to say something, then say “RIGHT?” and have you confirm…and then go through that process 10+ times until you get exasperated.DSC_0004

We are still working on her listening. We have to threaten something like time-out sometimes just to get her to acknowledge what we’re saying. I also do the whole “ok I guess I’ll leave without you” move if she’s stalling.DSC_0005

HUGE into singing right now. Huge. We figured out one of the French songs she sang at camp and played it on YouTube and now that’s a part of her repertoire. “Vole vole vole papillon…”DSC_0008DSC_0012

Still sleeping in the hallway but we’re probably going to get her big girl bed soon, so hopefully this will phase out. I’m curious if she’ll stay on the ground once it gets colder.

The most difficult time with her right now is bedtime. She gets really goofy and makes it difficult to put her pajamas on, get her teeth brushed, etc. It’s a battle the whole way through, but she’s not screaming or crying – she’s using goofiness to get what she wants. It’s almost worse!DSC_0015 DSC_0016

All in all she is a lovely girl and, even with the random outbursts and meltdowns, a joy to be around. Mom and dad may be exhausted but it’s worth it. =) Looking forward to starting preschool at Dallas International School in two weeks!DSC_0017


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