On Our Merri Way: One year in

Now that we’ve lived in our home for a little over a year, we’ve made a few additions and changes – and yet still have so many updates to go! Here’s where we’re at, and where we’re planning on adding in the next year. I definitely did not clean up the house before taking these super-awesome iPhone pics, so this is how the house usually looks.

Kitchen 2IMG_0440
Kitchen 3
This area is pretty much complete. We’ve:

  • Thrown a few smaller pieces of art around the kitchen to liven it up
  • Painted the chairs the Haydels gave us the same color as our walls to blend in (since they’re not all the same)
  • Put together and hung the light fixture (YouTube tutorials whut whut)
  • Added a chair for Louise. Mr. Haydel found this at the antique mall by our house and I love it. It desperately needs a coat of paint which might be my favorite part.
  • Put up a couple of dry erase boards as our family command center. It’s been so helpful to have a calendar and a place to stick birth announcements, grocery lists, etc.
  • Put a clear mat under Celine’s high chair. That girl loves to throw stuff and it was ruining the rug.
  • Get a rug for under the sink. We just moved the runner from our garage entry, which honestly makes me happy because that thing was a pain to keep in place every day!

Living room
IMG_0434Living room 2
Living room 3IMG_0579
Probably the room that still needs the most work. We’ve:

  • Added a decent sized TV
  • Pulled our coffee table back in
  • Temporarily used the green stools as accent tables
  • Mounted a wooden piece above the fireplace
  • Put a more substantial piece of furniture under the TV
  • Put a massive chest next to the counter

We still need to:

  • Get a mantle
  • Get a fireplace cover and gas logs
  • Mount the TV
  • Strip the bark off of the wood stumps in our garage, seal, and replace the green stools
  • Move the long table from the den to under the large Calder print (or put a bench there…TBD)

Den 2IMG_0452
Basically our playroom. This is the one room we haven’t really done anything to in the year we’ve lived here, mainly because it housed the majority of our furniture we had previously. We still need to:

  • Get a rug pad We actually just threw another rug on top of the one we have. We like it!
  • Get the custom piece of furniture for under the TV to hold toys, etc.
  • Move the long table out to the living room (maybe)
  • Get drapes. Mrs. Haydel brought some linen to us that my grandmother is going to sew into drapes. I’m pretty pumped about it…I think it will make the room feel complete!
  • Get a play table that we can put in the middle of the room

Dining roomIMG_0442
Ah, the least-used room of the house! We have the updated light fixture but have to hang it, which involves wire cutters and probably soldering. So we’re dragging our feet on that.

I’m also planning on eventually bringing the sideboard in Celine’s room in here as the buffet. The colors work with the rug.

DSC_0008 IMG_6024 IMG_0621

  • Added the gallery wall early on (but would like to update a few of the frames)
  • Added the bench beneath the gallery wall

We still need to:

  • Need a new headboard (super low priority)
  • My dresser will eventually go in Celine’s room, so I’ll need a replacement at that time

DSC_0015 IMG_6050 IMG_0623 DSC_0018 IMG_6054 IMG_0624
We still need to:

  • Replace the mirrors. We threw those up because we were sick of not having mirrors, and then of course we haven’t fixed it since then.
  • Better towel storage next to the tub
  • Mike’s two drawers don’t go in and out smoothly…we need to fix that.
  • We still haven’t put knobs on the cabinet above the toilet, but we rarely go in there and have gotten used to opening it without knobs.

DSC_0026 IMG_6080IMG_0449

  • Got a rug. It’s too small now but once we get her big-girl bed in there, it will be better
  • Found a dresser
  • Added the canopy
  • Closed the fireplace (it can be opened if we want to later)
  • Moved the mirror from their bathroom to the fireplace to add light

We still need to:

  • Get a big-girl bed, even though she’s currently sleeping in a sleeping bag in the hallway. I’m debating between a full/queen or two twins, in case we end up putting the girls in the same room
  • Probably get a nightstand too when we get the bed

IMG_6061 IMG_0475We have:

  • Added a rug
  • Hung the quilt my mom made
  • Added curtains

Nothing else to do in this room for now!


  • Hung the double towel rod and two photos.

We still need to:

  • Hang the shower curtain.

Just like the master bedroom, this room is not a huge priority for us. We need a headboard…that’s about it.

Mike is planning an overhaul this year. He’s going to:

  • Rip out all shelving and the rando shed in the corner
  • Patch a couple of holes in the wall
  • Install rolling metal shelving
  • Adjust location of refrigerator
  • Create “mud room” where old shed was

We have a couple of other to-do’s, like installing shutters, replacing the rest of our fence, putting in a few built-in bookcases, and working on our landscaping. Overall just a small list of things, right? =)


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