Louise’s haircut

Louise has had two haircuts in her life. The first one was a mistake on my part – I decided she could use bangs. Prince Valiant fail:
8.25.15 PV hair 1 8.25.15 PV hair 2

It did make for some cute pigtail styles though:
8.25.15 Piggies

The second haircut was just for maintenance. They didn’t cut much but gave it a little layering.

For about three weeks, Louise has insisting that she wants short hair like her best friend, Sawyer. Hair like dad was also acceptable, but specifically it needed to be SHORT. Mike and I were a little nervous about this since she was starting school, but we figured we’d take her to get a bob and maybe that would work.

(I texted Sawyer’s parents to tell them her wish and they texted me back this picture, which is Louise’s face on Sawyer’s body:)
8.25.15 Sawyer's hair

So the Saturday before school started, we brought her in. My dad was excited to bring her to the woman that cuts his hair, and we were already at their house since Mike was in New Orleans, so we headed over. Louise was very excited…every once in a while she’d sneak a look over at us and grin widely. She also loved seeing the big tufts of hair fall as they were cut. I gave her a piece to hold on to.
8.25.15 Cut

I think she cut at least six inches off of her hair. It was a lot!

When she was finished, Louise proudly modeled her new hair.

As we were playing once we got back to my parent’s house, I noticed that the cut was a little lopsided. If you looked at Louise from the back it looked like she was tilting her head, because¬†the cut was just a little longer on the left side versus the right.

So, I decided to get it fixed. Two haircuts in one day…so special! Louise loves her chic short hair and so do her parents. Maybe now we’ll be more trusting of her requests! =)
8.25.15 Short hair 1 8.25.15 Short hair 2


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