Just hangin’ around

We’ve been doing a lot of hanging out at the house on evenings and weekends since it’s so hot outside. We also have been spending more time in our “den” now that we have another rug in there (and now curtains – yeah!). These photos don’t have any theme but they’re still fun.

Celine is really doing some pretty cute stuff. Her new thing is “night night.” She will play with Lego people and flop them on their backs, say “night night!” and pat them. Same with dolls and stuffed animals. She also will take one of our pillows off of the couch, throw herself on it, and then wait for you to put a blanket on her and pat her butt.
9.2.15 7 9.2.15 1

Sometimes the “Night-night Pillow” game turns into the “Let’s Watch TV on the Ground” game. Notice Louise’s annexed both pillows.
9.2.15 2

When we were preparing for preschool, Louise spotted with her eagle eyes a ladybug backpack to match her suitcase. I asked if that’s the backpack she wanted for school and she confirmed.
9.2.15 9

I bought the lunch bag (and assorted lunch items and water bottle) on Amazon to match. She is a fan.
9.2.15 3

So is Celine…she tried sneaking off with the backpack.
9.2.15 10

We are an accessories family. For some reason when Celine puts a purse on her arm, or a bracelet, she says “bye-bye” and leaves the room. I guess that’s what I do?
9.2.15 12 9.2.15 6

Here is my new life now that we’ve finally figured out how to put air in the tires of the Bob double stroller. It’s pretty tough going up hills pushing 60+ pounds, but other than that, I love the quality time we get. I know Mike likes the 30-45 minutes of alone time too!
9.2.15 8

And I’ll leave you with a typical Celine judgy pose.
9.2.15 11


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