Celine: 18 months


Height: 32.5 inches (81st %ile)
Weight: 23 pounds (34th %ile)
Head size: 18.70 inches (79th %ile)

She’s still pretty skinny, which is crazy because a) she does not LOOK skinny, her belly is so big! and b) she eats everything, in massive quantities. She has increased her percentile for weight from her 15 month checkup however, so I think she’s gaining ground.

Celine is talking so much more, and you can tell she wants to learn. She watches us when we say words and then tries to mimic. Her favorite words now are all animal related, especially sheep who say “baa.” She talks in sentences but we have no idea what she’s saying. She also says “bye-bye” to everything when she’s done, even if it’s just looking out the window. Moving on, “bye-bye.”

She points out things everywhere – dogs, cars, hats, eggs, etc. So curious and so excited to learn!

She walks really well but wants to run like her sister, which can cause problems sometimes. She also is learning how to go up and down stairs but isn’t the best at it, which makes me nervous!

Just like Louise at this age, she’s entered the stuffed animal phase. With Louise it was two bears, but with Celine it’s pretty much any stuffed toy she can get her hands on. She’ll try to pick up more than three or four and get frustrated because they’re so hard to hold.

One of her favorite activities is still throwing herself on a pillow and saying “night night!” Typically there needs to be a blanket involved as well. She also LOVES walking around our front driveway and yard, pointing things out. She keeps trying to mosey into the street and is a little peeved I won’t let her. We picked up some flowers and leaves yesterday for inspection, rode both elephants on our front porch, and said hello and byebye to the neighbor. I only convinced her to come inside with the lure of drinking water.


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