Fall activities

It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season. Although September is still fairly hot in Texas, we had a milder weekend last weekend and we took advantage!

Michael and I had ourselves a little date night on Thursday night, going to the Arboretum concert. It was fun!
9.17.15 Arboretum

Saturday morning’s weather was in the low 70’s so we packed up the kids and headed to the Children’s Garden at the Arboretum. They had a blast and we actually wore Celine out, which is quite the feat considering she demands to walk everywhere. Louise, true to form, did not nap following the excursion. (She never naps after the Arboretum…I don’t get it!)
9.17.15 Arboretum kids1 9.17.15 Arboretum kids2 9.17.15 Arboretum kids3

That afternoon, the girls and I headed over to Louise’s friend Amelie’s apartment for a play date. Louise had a blast and even Celine seemed to have a good time. Louise and Amelie weren’t killing it in the photogenic department but who cares.
9.17.15  Louise and Amelie smiling 9.17.15 Louise and Amelie reading

Amelie had an Elmo that talked and hugged, which Celine loved but was also scared of. So she would laugh and clap but at a safe distance. Even her kisses to Elmo were far away.
9.17.15 Celine and Elmo

After dinner we had to leave, because my parents were picking them up to spend the night. Louise and Amelie said their goodbyes with hugs and kisses.
9.17.15 Louise and Amelie hugging

They had a great time at my parent’s house. I told my parents about the Elmo at Amelie’s and they busted back out the Tickle Me Elmo they got for Louise years ago, of which she was terrified. It was a hit with both girls!

Michael and I had a luxurious time away from the kids, going to dinner on Saturday night and then sleeping in (until 8:30am WHOA YOU GUYS) on Sunday, followed by working out, running errands, and cleaning up the house. We headed over to my parent’s house Sunday evening for dinner and to get the girls. Finally, it was time to head home. This picture is my favorite right now. Such big girls.
9.17.15 Leaving grandparents

Sunglasses in the car: necessity.
9.17.15 in car

We got home and had bath time. The girls were being cute and friendly with each other which is rare (although less rare these days). Splish splash!
9.17.15 bath time

It was a busy, fun-filled weekend that we hope to mirror for the next few months!


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