Louise and Sawyer: A Love Story

We put Louise in day care starting when she was 14 months old. From that time until about four months ago, she’s been in the same class with one boy named Sawyer. We didn’t know him initially, but once they spent some time together (and started interacting with the other kids in general), they became fast friends. We’d go to the school for a holiday party or something and we’d see them playing together. When we would pick her up at the end of the day, we’d ask how her day went and she would always say “I played with Sawyer.”
IMG_9144 IMG_9141

Although their birthdays are in the same month, day care moved Sawyer to the preschool room earlier than they were planning on moving Louise. We were ok with that because we were pulling Louise out anyway to go to a different preschool, but we know it affected them. My parents picked Louise up one Friday and saw Sawyer as they were walking out, and he burst into tears. Needless to say it was a strong friendship.

We had chatted with Sawyer’s parents during these day care parties, and finally Sawyer’s dad asked for our phone number in case we wanted to have a play date. I was excited for the opportunity, especially since Louise was switching schools. I thought it would be a good idea to stay in touch with a few of her friends from day care to help the transition. Turns out they live really close to us as well.

We got together at our house for the first play date, and Louise and Sawyer were so excited they just ran around screeching for about five minutes. Then Louise showed him our house and Celine, and Sawyer showed Louise his baby brother. Then they played.

The second time we got together was last minute. Sawyer’s mom texted me that they were going to the park right by our house, so we headed over. It was so cute to see them interact. Not only are they on the same page, but they help each other out. For example, Celine was trying to get on Sawyer’s scooter and Louise said “no Celine, that’s not ok for you. It’s ok for me to do but not you.” Then Sawyer told Louise that Celine was attempting to drink out of her water bottle so she could go grab it. Poor Celine. 🙂

The parents were tending to the younger siblings when we looked over and noticed them on the big red swing. Louise had walked to the back side to push it and then clamored back to lay down with Sawyer. We all swooned and I took a few pics.
9.23.15 Louise and Sawyer

We also planned to hit up the Arboretum during the fall pumpkin festival together. It was hotter than we would have liked, but they had a good time. I like seeing Louise and Sawyer together because I’m used to the sister relationship which is way different. I know Louise interacts with kids her age all day at preschool, but it’s good for me to see how well she does with her friends.
DSC_0029 DSC_0048

They spotted this scarecrow and were transfixed. Then they decided they had to throw hay at it.DSC_0052 DSC_0054 DSC_0056 DSC_0074DSC_0122 DSC_0134 DSC_0164

Michael and I are so happy that we’ve maintained this relationship, and made some new adult friends in the process!


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