Louise 3.5

What I am loving about Louise these days is that she (for the most part) actually processes and thinks about what people say to her. She’s been doing that when it comes to learning for a while now, but I mean she’s applying things to her life. If I say something: does she understand it? Can she relate it to something she already knows? How does it make her feel? Does it change what we’re doing at the moment? Etc. It’s really interesting to see her go through her day, taking everything in.

The things she says just crack us up. She’s into tattoos now (obviously, the fake ones), and she was looking at one on her leg the other day while I was dressing her and she mused to herself, “my friends at school are really going to like this tat.” Of course Band-Aids are still in major rotation as well. I took her pajamas off this morning and noticed three on one leg.DSC_0001

We are, I think, finally, moving forward in the potty arena. We were having major issues with pooping for quite a while – she wouldn’t go, and then it would get harder to go and the situation would compound. Luckily after a visit to her pediatrician for some sound advice, she’s pooping regularly – and most times in the potty! Yeah Louise!DSC_0004

We have certain schedules to which we have to adhere or she gets upset. For example, she has to be the one to open Celine’s door in the morning. Sometimes this is frustrating because she doesn’t want to get up but Celine is awake, but for the most part it’s worked out. Celine is always happy to see her sister so maybe Louise is playing her cards right!DSC_0007

Louise is starting to learn how to spell! She reads so much and knows her letters inside and out, so we’ve slowly started asking her about spelling. She’s good to go with cat, dog, mom, and dad (and OF COURSE L-O-U-I-S-E), but we’re still working on Celine.DSC_0014

One of her favorite books currently is Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus. When I read it to her I am very exaggerated, and this morning she was reading to herself (she’s memorized every single word) and did all of the word inflections, sounds, etc. that I do. It was pretty cute.DSC_0016

Our little girl is growing up and we love it! Looking forward to Halloween!DSC_0018

(Celine got jealous of the picture-taking so we tossed her up there. Look at that ham)DSC_0021


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