Celine: 19 months

What a lady!DSC_0018

She is working so hard on talking. She needs to know what everything is, and then she repeats it over and over. Moon, socks, hummus…she’s getting so much better at her pronunciations.DSC_0013

Her favorite thing right now is SHOES. She says “shoes!!” repeatedly and then hands them to you (aka throws them) and says “ON!!!” Her feet are so tiny, too. She’s still wearing a size 4 no matter how many times I try to put her in a size 5. I thought I’d be able to reuse a lot of Louise’s shoes but she might not get to the right size for the season. Maybe she’s doing it on purpose so she doesn’t have to wear hand-me-downs!DSC_0001

She also loves all songs and all books. She can get pretty aggressive with asking to read books…sometimes we have to read the same one over and over, and sometimes we have to read four or five at one time. Her current favorites are “Llama llama Nighty Night” and “Goodnight Nola.”DSC_0023

We decided that the girls’ bedtimes were close enough to combine their bedtime process, which is great for Celine because this means she now gets to brush her teeth like the big girls. I honestly think it’s the best part of her day, brushing her teeth. Plus she gets to stand on a stool to do it, so…doubly great. We also pretend to blow-dry her hair and she gets a kick out of that.


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