Flower crowns and baby sprinkles

My friend Errin is having another boy, and our group of girls wanted to have an intimate get-together to celebrate. We decided on a lunch with us four at T Room (in Forty Five Ten). It was the perfect location for a little girl time – plus there was some great people watching! I definitely haven’t seen that many gold Cartier watches in one room.

As we were brainstorming what we could do to make it feel extra special, I came across a flower crown DIY. I’ve already done wrist corsages for Erin’s 30th birthday party so I figured this was the next logical step. It was also a little more personal than putting a centerpiece on the table at the restaurant.

The day before the lunch, I dropped by Trader Joe’s to get the flowers. I love Trader Joe’s for flowers because they are not nearly as expensive as Central Market. They don’t have as wide of a selection, but I was mainly concerned with the crowns matching each other and didn’t have a specific flower agenda.

Once I brought everything home, I stripped and cut all of the stems (saving a lot of the leaves from the roses) and grouped some of the flowers together and wrapped them in floral tape. I made circles with the flower wire and covered the ends with the floral tape.

I decided to put the flowers on in a loose ombre pattern, starting with white.

Each crown took around an hour to do, start to finish. Mike and I watched Spy on Friday while I did three of them, and I completed the last one Saturday morning.

I…loved them. They were so pretty!
IMG_1071 IMG_1072

Of course I took a flower crown selfie.

I felt a little awkward walking in to the restaurant with the flower crowns, and even more so putting them on. It’s a weird feeling having a ring’o’flowers sitting on your noggin. But the waitresses all came by asking how they were done and taking pictures, and they were received well by my girls. So I’d say they were a success!

We had a fabulous, three-hour lunch, and it was great to catch up with the girls and to talk to Errin about baby Quinn. I’m so excited to meet her new little one when he shows up!
IMG_1074 IMG_1077 IMG_1080


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