Big girl bed

I guess Louise is officially a big girl, because she now has her big girl bed!

Although she has a toddler bed, one day she refused to sleep in it. I think she got scared at one point, but I’m not sure. Either way, she has been sleeping in the hallway in a sleeping bag ever since.

Over time, we realized it’s not ideal to have her outside of her room. Plus her room was just sort of sitting there, not really being used. We thought maybe getting a big girl bed and hyping it up would incentivize her to go back to her room.

We decided a full-sized bed was the best option – still fairly large but not overwhelming – and we needed something that didn’t have too tall of a headboard, since it was fitting under her window. I found a metal bed online that I liked and ordered it. Unfortunately when it was delivered, one side of the box was open and the hardware box had fallen out. I was bummed because I built the whole thing up to Louise all day, and had her with me when I opened up the box with the bed pieces. She was holding the instructions, ready for me to get going, but I couldn’t because there weren’t any screws!

I decided to put on my big-girl pants and find what I needed at Home Depot. It may have taken me about 30 minutes to find the right screws (1/3 of that time was corralling the girls – loose screws in child-height bins is my nightmare), but I got what I needed. I went back home and put together the bed. ALL BY MYSELF.

Then we needed a mattress. I was at home with Louise yesterday afternoon (she was sick), so I thought I could just go to Sam’s and buy one. I knew it wouldn’t fit in the car so I dropped by Home Depot and got some tie-downs. They have “sample” beds at Sam’s that you can test out, so I asked Louise if she wanted to test it. She got on and took her shoes off…because you have to do that to get in bed. Lol.
10.30.15 Bed at Sam's

The bed cart was incredibly difficult to steer – I may have almost pinned Louise against a wall a couple of times – but I finally got it out to the car. With help from a Sam’s employee, I hoisted the bed on top of the car, and tied it down. I was terrified the bed was going to careen off during a turn, but we made it home in one piece!
10.30.15 Tied town mattress

Once I got the bed in place and threw some sheets on, we were able to successfully put Louise to bed, IN HER BED. That was the best part!!
10.30.15 Louise sleeping

I still have to get the sheets and comforter that will match her room, and then I’ll show pictures of how her room looks now. Having a real bed definitely fills out the room much better. Here’s hoping she sleeps in the bed for more than one night!


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