What a fun Halloween!

A couple of months ago, I had the idea to have a theme of “it’s raining cats and dogs.” I figured it would be an easy costume for everyone. I primed Louise to the idea of being a cat and she took it and ran, which was great. I assembled their outfits with leggings and shirts from Old Navy, and found the cutest pair of cat boots for Louise at the Gap. At the last minute I bought some Melissa dog shoes for Celine. I’m glad I did – she LOVES those shoes and needed new ones anyway! I made their collars with ribbon and paper, bought ears and tails at Target, made noses with eyeliner, and voila – Louise the cat, and Celine the dog.

My costume was the easiest – hot-gluing cats and dogs to an umbrella. Mike’s outfit was pretty easy too…felt raindrops on a tshirt, with fluff on a visor. Done and done!

Taylor and Hillary came by and join in the fun…appropriately dressed as well!

Our friends came over to trick or treat with us. Louise and Amelie owned the wagon and Celine got the stroller.

We were off! Louise and Amelie got really good, really quickly. Celine was mostly excited about walking around but she too understood the concept and gathered a fair share of candy.
IMG_1144 IMG_1145

Look at her go!
IMG_1146 IMG_1147

Walking up and down streets was quite a lot for Celine, so she had to take a break halfway through. After about five minutes she was ready to get at it again.

We made it down two streets and then called it a night, since it was getting dark. We hung out and handed out candy for another hour or so and then shut things down. Not before we evaluated our haul!
IMG_1150 IMG_1153


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